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Earth Science. Made Simple.

This Page will provide you with Earth Sciency information that will make you see the earth in a new light!

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Tectonic Plates

Tectonic Plates are what lie underneath our feet. We are currently living on tectonic plates! There are 8 major plate boundries, which are the Eurasian plate, the African plate, the North American plate, the South American plate, the Antarctic plate, the Indoaustralian plate, the Pacific plate, and the Nazca plate. These plates continuously shift and move. Very slowly however, so much so that we don't even feel it. This movement however causes great disturbances, as potential energy is released from the grinding of the tightly packed plates. This results in earthquakes, the formation of volcanoes, mountains, and rift valleys, as well as potential tsunamis, which are caused by underwater earthquakes.

In addition, there is three different type of plate boundaries. The frist one, is called the convergent plate boundary. A convergent plate boundary is when two plate boudaries collide onto one another. Some geographic features that can be made by convegent plate boundaries is mountainas, and volcanoes.

The sencond plate boundary is called the divergent plate boundary. It is when two plate boundaries move away from each other. The can cause volcanic activity. Lastly, the transform plate boundary is when two plate boundaires slide against one another and they can cause earthquakes.

Geographic Formation

Geographic formation is affected by many factors. Such as weathering, erosion, tectonic plates, glaciers, rivers, and earthquakes. These form the land over time through weathering, erosion, or tectonic plates applying large amounts of pressure, enough so, that the crust can crumple up into a mountain! A river can also affect geographic formation through erosion on the earth's crust from the constant flowing water.