This is Forensic Science

This is science explained in a simple easy way you will not find anywhere else just look

In this page you will learn the science behind DNA and how it is daily and commonly used. Every living breathing thing has a different type of DNA no ones is the same whitch is what makes DNA so special. DNA is the building blocks of what makes everything who they are it gives them their difinitive physical traits for example there eyes color,shape of nose or size of their hand. Police officers use DNA to solve crimes, archeologists use DNA to calculate evolution, genetic mutation ,and familys use DNA to find there other family members in their family tree

DNA: The fundimental and distinctive characteristics or qualities of someone or something, especially when regarded as unchangeable.

The uses of DNA
In a crime scene DNA is generally used to solve crimes in one of two ways. In cases where a suspect is identified, a sample of that person’s DNA can be compared to evidence from the crime scene. The results of this comparison may help establish whether the suspect committed the crime. In cases where a suspect has not yet been identified, biological evidence from the crime scene can be analyzed and compared to offender profiles in DNA databases to help identify the perpetrator. Crime scene evidence can also be linked to other crime scenes through the use of DNA databases. For example: assume that a man was convicted of sexual assault. At the time of his conviction, he was required to provide a sample of his DNA, and the resulting DNA profile was entered into a DNA database. Several years later, another sexual assault was committed. A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner worked with the victim and was able to obtain biological evidence from the rape. This evidence was analyzed, the resulting profile was run against a DNA database, and a match was made to the man’s DNA profile. He was apprehended, tried, and sentenced for his second crime. In this hypothetical case, he was also prevented from committing other crimes during the period of his incarceration.
Archeologists are now using DNA tests to keep a record of genetic codes and progression of life on earth dating back centuries. This has resulted in a DNA database, which can be used for reference and comparison purposes. For example: By profiling the DNA of living organisms, scientists have proved evolution and genetic mutation, answering questions on the origins of species.
With an interest in family trees growing, a DNA test can also be used as part of a search for your genetic ancestors. Since the Y chromosome found in males is likely to remain unchanged from generation to generation, its analysis can be used to set up ancestral lines. For example: Many people are now using DNA tests to establish the ethnic origins of their DNA and ancestors which can be dated back hundreds of years


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